Well, tonight could be our night. Someone could win $336,000,000 in the largest MEGA MILLIONS JACKPOT since December, 2019! The drawing will be held at 8 PM Pacific.

Now, I'm not one of those Lottery junkies who buy tickets all the time. I'm not one of the folks that have a 'system' for picking numbers - a system which is so closely adhered-to that you'd think they'd won 'the big one' a thousand times. People like these, and if you're one you may agree, have told me "Well, no, my 'system' hasn't paid off just yet, but if I abandon it NOW, the very NEXT time I play could the THE time that I'd win!" They simply couldn't live with themselves if 'their' lucky numbers won millions of dollars for someone else. So, they play 'em. Over and over.

So, since I don't have a 'system' and I've never won anything more than $10 a couple of times, how is it then, that I can guarantee you that if you don't follow one simple rule, you have absolutely ZERO CHANCE of winning?

It's simple: If you don't buy a ticket, you won't win.

Before you groan, or during your groan, consider it: what amount of luck or skill can overcome not possessing a ticket? The answer is - no amount. That's always my problem, I forget to buy them in the first place and then kick myself when I hear some ne'er do well wins a big one!

So, if you've got an extra couple of dollars (don't go crazy now) and you're feeling especially lucky (not in a Dirty Harry sort of way), why not give it a try?

Just remember 'Uncle Brian' if you win!


Estimated Jackpot Amount: $336 Million

One-Time-Payout:  $265.6 Million (I'd go for this one and earn better interest)

Drawing at 8 PM - Cutoff Time 7:45 PM

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