The video that started it all was capture by a man named, Robert Gimlin. He was originally born in Missouri but found his way out into Yakima Washington. While living in Yakima Robert Gimlin captured the most notorious sighting of Bigfoot to ever exist, while on a trip to Northern California with his friend, Roger Patterson.

When you think of Bigfoot you think of the silhouette of the ape-like figure swaying his arms and looking back in mid-step. That image was captured by Robert and shocked the world. Gilman of course was met with naysayers over the year and even was accused of fraud by Roger Pattinson, the man who was him the day the footage was filmed.

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The year was 1970, Gilman and Patterson decided to take a trip to Northern California to find the elusive Sasquatch. After spending quite some time out in the woods the men stumbled upon a female Bigfoot out in the wild. Gilman reached for his camera and took over a minute video of the creature as it crossed the open field...but not before turning and gazing back at Gilman. This created the most famous sighting of bigfoot that everyone knows today. it's still studied by professors and filmmakers to this day. In 1999 Patterson claimed that it was him in the Bigfoot suit and not a real sasquatch, but other bigfoot specialists believe there's not a chance the video could have been faked.

The same year the footage was captured Planet Of The Apes was released in theaters. The movie at the time had the top of line makeup artists and costumers. People point out to this day the suit needed for the footage would have had to be better than anything Hollywood could possibly dream up and there's no way possible the video is a fake. However, unless we have definitive proof we have to leave it up to personal opinion.

So what do you think...did they capture the first real footage of bigfoot, or was it a sham?

Here's the video footage and a deep dive into the story behind it!

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