A little over a year ago the internet exploded with the police #lipsyncchallenge in which police departments from all over the country lip-sang and danced to songs. They succeeded in so many ways, bringing their communities together and making millions of people laugh and smile. Even our very own Yakima PD accepted the challenge -- check it out in the video above!

But somewhere along the line, what started out as a for-fun challenge caught a lot of attention. And being the competitive-minded country we are, someone decided there had to be winners. No, sadly Yakima did not win anything, nor did it place in the top 30. However, not only did Seattle's PD break the top 10, they were second place overall! They did a phenomenal job putting on a show to Macklemore's "Downtown," which is fitting considering he is from Seattle! Take a peek!

Not only do they get bragging rights for coming in second place, but they won their department $50,000!

Congratulations, Seattle PD!

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