I had a moment yesterday as I was finishing mowing the front lawn when I was truly, undeniably, grateful. It was a quick moment -- but it was long enough to make me smile and remember that moment.

So why was I grateful? It wasn't because my kids were running all over, laughing and enjoying people. It wasn't because I had just cooked a big meal. In fact, I was purely happy because I had a lawn to mow for a house that we owned. In that 5 seconds of simple bliss I was reminded of all the great things in my life and that left me wondering ...

When was the last time you were truly grateful?

As parents, we are expected to always say our kids -- our kids remind us to be grateful. And as true as that is, that isn't always the case. Because let's be honest, kids can drive us nuts! Yesterday, I can honestly say I was truly grateful to be able to mow the lawn to our home.

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