It seems all the news you see anymore is about the coronavirus. Can we get some GOOD coronavirus news, please?

Well, I'm not one that gossips, but I heard that the city of Point Roberts is the "Safest City in America" due to the lack of coronavirus infections.

Okay, so the population is pretty small (around less than 1400) and it's located near Cananda. So what! We'll take all the good news we can.

How did they get so dang lucky? I wish I were living in the city of Port Roberts right about now. They don't have to worry that much about COVID-19. I"m not jealous, you're jealous! (Okay, I really am jealous!)

Fun Fact: Point Roberts is known for being a safe haven for participants in the Federal Witness Protection Program. Guess that secret's been let out of the bag.

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