Believe it or not, Halloween is a lot of people's favorite holiday, they wait all year long to decorate, plan parties, watch scary movies even hand out candy. If you ask an adult what their favorite thing is about Halloween, you'll probably get an answer like "The costumes!" or "The scary movies!"

Ask any kid what their favorite thing about Halloween is and the answer is most likely "Candy!!!!!" who are we kidding, that was our favorite part of Halloween was the candy too, we would walk for blocks ignoring the throbbing pain in the souls of our feet to make it to the next house hoping to score that king-size candy bar.

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This is exactly what this is all about, finding the best Halloween Candy to give out for 2021. I'm not saying by any means if you don't get the candy on this list that your house will get TP'd...I'm also not saying that won't happen, maybe consult the list.

10. ) Candy Corn

That's right Candy Corn made the list, tho a good amount of people despise the taste of candy corn others are obsessed with it. It's kinda like black licorice you either love it or you hate it. So maybe it won't hurt having some of those tiny individual bags to toss in.

9. ) Popcorn Balls

Look, I know this list is probably starting pretty rough to some people. Candy Corn then Popcorn Balls, but these are still a lot of people's favorite Halloween treat, I even double-checked to make sure people weren't getting this mixed up with something else when I asked. Popcorn Balls are basically like Carmel Corn where it's a sweet-salty blend of popcorn but formed into a ball.

8. ) Red Vines

Now we're getting to some of the good stuff, that's right people do love their licorice especially Redvines since it was voted in at number 8. However, I don't think people would mind Twizzlers if there's no Redvines.

7. ) Fruit Roll-Ups

I was just as shocked as you probably are now, however, these were my favorite when I was a kid but I never thought about handing them out like Halloween candy. I guess you just can't beat the old fruit by the foot.

6. ) Butterfingers

Butterfingers aren't as popular as they used to be, but if you were a kid in the '90s or 2000's you definitely had these down as a favorite, now butterfingers make the mini Butterfingers and they're a big deal this Halloween.

5. ) Snickers

I was surprised myself to see Snickers come in at number 5 but I guess the times they are a-changing. But how can you go wrong with fluffy nougat peanuts, caramel, and chocolate? You can't go wrong with having some of those Fun Size Snickers in the bowl.

4. ) Twix

Twix candy bars are the perfect mix between candy and cookies, a cookie drizzled in caramel and covered in chocolate, talk about the sugar rush you need to make it that 5 extra. blocks.

3. ) 3 Musketeers bar

The 3 Musketeers bar has been a favorite for quite some time, you just can't go wrong with a fluffy whipped mouse covered in chocolate. Not to mention it's Grandpa's favorite too since you don't really need teeth to eat it.

2. ) KitKat Bar

If you just hummed "Break me off a piece of that KitKat bar" we're friends now. KitKat is a genius combination of wafers and chocolate...that's it trust me you don't need much more. Now you can even get a new version of KitKat called Witches Brew which is coated in a marshmallow flavored cream.

1. ) Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

C'mon, we all knew this one was coming, Reeses Peanut butter cups is probably one of the most simple candy ideas, peanut butter and chocolate is that comfort food that takes you back to being a kid, and if you are a kid it just tastes amazing. Of course, you can get the Reeses Pumpkins that are shaped like Jack'Olanterns

The only way to truly become the most popular house on the block is to buy all your Halloween candy in Kingsize, hopefully, this list helped you decide the candy you'll be stocking up on this Halloween for the kids in the Yakima Valley.

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