Lauren Duski could very well hear her name called Tuesday night (May 23) when The Voice Season 12 winner is revealed. It's even more likely after her undeniable performances on Monday's (May 22) episode.

Duski started her string of performances with a rendition of one of Garth Brooks' signature hits, "The Dance," which Blake Shelton says is one of the "most important and greatest country songs of all time." Opting for another graceful performance, Duski was dressed in a glistening silver jeweled gown as she sang on an elegant staircase with shimmering chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. She certainly did Brooks proud, offering a lovely delivery that exuded her natural poise.

"I can't stop smiling right now. You literally you made me feel like I was hearing it for the first time tonight," Shelton raved before pleading for fans to vote for her. "Lauren Duski is the one we've been waiting for this whole time."

But the true standout moment of the night — and possibly her best performance all season — came when she she made her way back to the stage to sing an original song, "Deja Vu," that she co-wrote. The haunting song not only allows Duski's voice to shine, but proves that she is just as much a promising songwriter as she is a singer.

"Deja Vu" is reminiscent of a Taylor Swift track with its emotional nostalgia. The song finds the singer trying to escape the memory of a former lover, packaging it all in a harrowing song with lyrics like "I can't escape the love we made / The fights we had / Slamming doors / And broken glass / Just like that it all comes back." Its poignancy, coupled with Duski's confident vocal delivery, makes her the one to beat.

We find out who earns the title of The Voice Season 12 winner Tueday night when the results are announced live on NBC at 8PM ET.

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