The Yakima Herald-Republic just reported that the Yakima-area Kmart department store is closing. Expect the doors to shut forever by the middle of December.

I remember shopping at Kmart for all my back-to-school clothes when I was a kid, and I also purchased my very first Christmas tree there for my brand-new Yakima apartment years ago. I didn't realize how attached I feel to Kmart, even though I haven't shopped there in a while. This bit of news makes me feel a tad nostalgic and sad.

It looks like this Thursday (Sept. 22), the Kmart on Nob Hill Boulevard wiill start hosting its liquidation sale, according to the Herald's article. Here is a list of other Kmart stores being closed due to "not having enough cash to stay in business," as Business Insider noted in an article last week.

This is definitely sad news for all of the employees who will be losing their jobs, and the faithful customers who shop there frequently (and for those who love to get some of that Little Caesars Pizza)!

Despite my bummed-out mood, on the other hand, this makes me wonder, "Oooh, what am I going to stock up on at the liquidation?"

My friend Jessi says she's going to rack up on curtains and bed sheets. I think I am going to fill my cupboards with toilet paper and things that I would typically want to buy on a Black Friday, such as electronics. Perhaps I'll jump on deals for those celebrity-owned labels, such as Adam Levine, Nicki Minaj and Kathy Ireland. (Sofia Vergara ended her relationship with Kmart sometime last year, and Martha Stewart severed ties back in 2009.)

What will you stock up on from Kmart?

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