Dunbar Jewelers.They've been helping people celebrate special days for more than 100 years. The current owners Pat and Linda Gilmore have been at the store since 1978 but now it's time to take it easy. They've decided to retire.

The store has been open in Yakima since the late 1800's

The store in Yakima has a long history, starting in the late 1800's as Owen Jones Jewelry and Stationery. The store's website says "George Dunbar purchased the business in 1908 and the name changed to Dunbar-Nelson Jewelers and Opticians. That same year the signature Seth Thomas street clock was installed on the sidewalk outside the store. The name was permanently changed to Dunbar Jewelers in 1931."

Pat and Linda Gilmore have been helping you with special days since 1978

The current owners, Pat and Linda Gilmore purchased the store in 1978. Now it's time for their son Matthew Gilmore to manage the store as his parents retire. Matthew Gilmore is the fourth generation jeweler in his family.

As the store has seen new owners over the years it's also been in a different location. Many people remember the Miller building location on East Yakima Avenue and the familiar Dunbar clock that stood along Yakima Avenue giving the official time.

The Dunbar clock is still ticking after all these years

Today the clock is still working but it's been at a new home at 4100 Summitview since 2006. But after the new year the torch will be passed on to their son Mathew to take over the store. They'll be busy with three grand kids and lots of road trips.
Linda Gilmore says for years they've been flying over the state for business trips now they'll have time to take some road trips and check out the state on the ground.
Dunbars is having a retirement sale with 10% to 50% off. You can visit the store at 4100 Summitview or check them out online at dunbarjewelers.com

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