A question I get every week is "What is there to do with the kids, Reesha?" I guess I had better start brushing up so I can stay "in the know". Lucky for us, I do know of four really fun things you can do with this kids this weekend. We don't want those little jokers sitting around getting bored, now do we? ;)



Alpaca Tours (Prosser, WA)

I didn't get the memo that it was alpaca touring season! Now that I'm aware of it, I plan on taking my 10-year-old daughter Willow along with me to check it out. There are not one, not two, but three places you can take the kids for an alpaca tour according to this list from blogger Tabby Cats Paw Prints. If you want to combine a mini-road trip and alpaca tour check out these places in Prosser.


Yakima Valley Museum

I love, LOVE the Yakima Valley Museum so I will always recommend it as a place to take the kids, especially with the weather being so hot! There is a kids' section of the museum in the basement and it's filled with all kinds of wonder, from samples of real animal skins to a library cubby, play trains, pretend general store, and other craft activities. Also in the basement is a display of local apple labels, historical costumes, and all kinds of unique things. Upstairs there are so many cool exhibits that I don't have the time to list them all. The museum is closed on Sundays and Mondays, FYI.


Every Saturday is the Farmer's Market in Ellensburg on East 4th Avenue, and every Sunday is the Farmer's Market in Yakima on 19 S 3rd St. That's easy enough to remember. Take the kids with you because they need to learn at an early age the importance of purchasing local food from local vendors. It's a much healthier habit to pass down to your kids than giving them all that junk food like chips, "hot" chips, soda pops, candy, and fast food. I'm not against any of those things in moderation though, that's my disclaimer and I'm sticking to it!

Pssst: Coming up next week on Sunday, July 25th is Kids Day at the Downtown Yakima Farmers Market!


Shark Week is on the Discovery Channel or Discovery+

Brad Paisley is hosting Shark Week for some reason. You know, when I think of Shark Week, the last person I'm thinking about is Brad Paisley but here we are. He's doing a great job as the host, so there's that. I love that this year the Shark Week episodes are actually entertaining to me as a parent (and as an adult who doesn't really give two flips about Shark Week). It helps that they have segments with entertainers that I love including comedian/actor JB Smoove and comedian/actor Tiffany Haddish. Brad Paisley is funny in his own right, too, but I digress. Shark Week ends on July 18th.

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