Being off the road due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has opened up the schedules of many music artists, including Thomas Rhett. And now that the country star has gotten more downtime with his family over the past few months, he predicts that it will take a while for his daughters to get used to his touring lifestyle again when everything shifts back to normal.

In a recent interview with CMT Radio’s Cody Alan, Rhett spoke of the reactions he could face from his three little girls — 6-month-old Lennon Love, 3-year-old Ada James and 4-year-old Willa Gray — after things settle down enough to allow him back on the road.

"I think when next summer rolls around, and we get back on the road, it’s going to be really tough to leave. I think my kids got so used to me being Dad on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and not on the weekends,” he says of his kids with wife Lauren Akins. “So now that I’m here 24/7 during the week they’re gonna be like, 'What? Do you work? You have a job?' And so it’ll be different.”

Despite the potential difficulties that may come along with changing up his routine, Rhett adds that there is a bright side to traveling across the country in the future. And that’s getting an opportunity to see how his kids experience his art in comparison to what they observed during their earlier years.

"They'll be so much older then that it will be so fun to take them on the road,” he states. “I think they'll just appreciate it that much more.”

In the meantime, Rhett has been making the most of his time in quarantine. According to his Instagram page, he recently took his family on a fishing trip to Colorado, and accidentally hooked himself while fly fishing. Before that, the family of five enjoyed a beachside vacation in Florida.

Family trips aside, Rhett and his brood have also been making plenty of memories at home. He even admits that he’s grown fond of one particular Disney movie after having rewatched it several times with his little princesses.

"I've seen Frozen 2, not exaggerating, probably 350 times since February," he said. "I like the movie now, I've seen it so much."

Rhett currently expects to return to the road on June 3, 2021, for his rescheduled Center Point Road Tour, which includes Cole Swindell as his support act.

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