One thing I love about my corner of the universe out in East Valley is the picturesque sunsets we get an our stunning view of Mt. Rainier.
Last night (Aug. 24) I simply had to snap a pic of the beautiful evening sky with Rainier being backlit by the setting sun. This was taken off of my back porch which, obviously, faces to the east. We have a sliding glass door that accesses it and just to the left of the door, in the home's exterior, we have a panoramic photo of the Seattle skyline with the majestic mountain in the distance. My wife, Carrie, and I bought the framed piece from an artist at Pike's Place Market in Seattle when we were first dating to remind us of where we were both born. We hung it in that spot at our current residence in Moxee specifically so that we can simultaneously see both side of the 'ol gal, shimmering in all of its glory.

Here are the photos:

TSM/Todd Lyons
TSM/Todd Lyons

Our old cohort, Pete Christensen, down at our sister station 97 Rock (KXRX) in the Tri-Cities put together a FANTASTIC photo gallery of Rainier throughout the years that, as he says, is simply breathtaking.

Check it out along with a bit of history, too.

Mount Rainier is one of FIVE major volcanoes in Washington State. It's also the tallest of the Washington volcanoes.

It's one of the most beautiful landmarks in Washington and has inspired the name of a beer and a baseball team. It's also inspired the imaginations of children and adults who call Washington home. The state park is pretty cool, too. After more than 100 years, wolverines are living in Mount Rainier State Park.

I think seeing all of these pictures of Mount Rainier through the years (one is almost 100 years old) is pretty sobering. Long after you and I are gone, the mountains will still be here. Let's take a look at some awe-inspiring pictures of one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. (I guess beauty comes with a price sometimes.)

10 Breathtaking Pictures of Mount Rainier Through the Years

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