The latest trend in real estate is Tiny Homes. You may have seen them on TV. Now they are for sale in places here in Yakima. Some start as low as $15,000 for a starter (about 100 Sq. ft.) and can average as much as a mid-level luxury car @ around $50,000.

Washington state is on the Top 10 List of States if Tiny Home living, along with Oregon and California trending as well.

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Tiny Homes are defined as homes that are fully functional with electricity and plumbing with an average space of 400 Sq. feet. Some are taking Tiny Home level of comfort to the next level with some made of old barns, large sheds even in some cases, shipping cargo containers.

Some Tiny Homes are stunning. Other times it surprising all your necessities can fit in this space. With creative planning and efficient use of space, Tiny Home living can be rewarding and a lot cheaper than a traditional house.In some cases, these Tiny Homes can be little works of wonder that are stylish, compact yet comfortable.

Check out these Tiny Home floorplans on Pinterest.

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It's also attractive to first time home buyers and those who are choosing to downsize. Many of those effected by the COVID economy can now have more housing choices with Tiny Homes.

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Part of the attraction here is the efficiency at play here. Little yard work is needed, In some case no lawn to mow, minimal energy bills, minimal maintenance and upkeep.

This also allows for independence and dignity for those in their senior years.

A simple search for Tiny Homes shows at least five Tiny Homes for sale in the Yakima Area. Some are sheds, barns or utility spaces that have been transformed into permanent Tiny Homes. This could be a great opportunity to downsize and dream - small.


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