Have you ever been on a mission to find a great deal on something you need or want, and find yourself browsing on Craig's List? I have, and each time, I wind up going down a rabbit hole of items that have nothing to do with what I was looking for in the first place.

Strangely, the FREE section always amuses me. You never know what you'll find in there and often, I'll notice a pretty good opportunity or two that would be hard to pass up without just a smidgen of self-discipline. I mean, who doesn't need some free cement chunks or a free couch that looks like something pulled from wreckage or a free snail?

Here are my Top 5 Interesting Items being offered for FREE on Craig's List Yakima.


Screenshot via yakima.craigslist.org

I love this one. No picture, which I appreciated. Free Horse manure/Straw Mix. They'll even load it for you! 100% Politician-Free. This would be great for our garden and it's the type of discovery that gets me going from browsing to manuring.


Screenshot via yakima.craigslist.org

Who doesn't need a few extra pallets around the house? The note on the ad says 'Free Take All'. Makes me wonder, do I have to take them all? Or is this just a generous offer?


Screenshot via yakima.craigslist.org

Wait a second. This is listed in the FREE section. But this says a small 'rehoming fee' is possible. What does that even mean? How small? How possible? Will the Guinea Pigs be charged anything?


Screenshot via yakima.craigslist.org

This one cracks me up! I can feel the 'givers' frustration when he has to point out that it's FREE and you'll need to move it yourself and no he's not going to pay to have it tuned before he gives it away for FREE. It's an old piano. You want it? Come get it.    No more questions!


Screenshot via yakima.craigslist.org

Well, I agree that it needs a good cleaning. I just wonder if it would withstand the weight of a TV or a box of corn flakes. I laughed out loud at 'Need Gone'. Yep, sometimes we are at the point where - some stuff just 'Needs Gone'. That's what Craigs List can do!

The other nice thing about perusing the FREE items is it shows how generous people are. They could try to squeeze a few bucks out of something they no longer need or want but instead are offering it up to someone who does need or want it. Generosity is something the world could use much more of!

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