I need a new couch. One of the legs on mine has broken so now it's doing a gangsta lean, as the kids say. In fact, it leans so badly, if you were to come over right now, you'd hear my couch singing it's new theme song:


Don't know about you, but I love finding free stuff when it's in great (or seemingly great) condition. Some things you can find on Craigslist and they'll be in relatively meager condition but still salvageable. If there's one thing I know about Craigslist (no matter the city), there's bound to be some jacked-up couches being given away for free.

I don't want a jacked-up couch, not even if it's for free.


I often see things on Craigslist that make me wonder why someone didn't just heap that junk in a truck and dump it at the County dump! Hey, I'm all about upholstering cool furniture just like the next Flea Market Flip fan, but some things on Craigslist just cannot be saved.

I have never grabbed a FREE couch off Craigslist and after checking out the photos of what's floating around out there right now, I highly doubt I ever will.

Have you ever bought a sofa or a couch off of Craigslist? Maybe in a big city, you are sure to find ones that are close to mint condition, but out here in our neck of the woods, it's a dog-eat-the-dog kind of world (or the dog-ate-the-couch or the cat-scratched-the-couch kind of world, haha)!

When one buys furniture on Craigslist, isn't it a lot like playing a game of "roulette"? It's the sort of thing where you don't know if the furniture will be gunky and/or full of bed bugs or a diamond in the rough and a steal of a deal.

Here are the top five WORST free couches I saw that are available on Craigslist right now. I searched far and wide all over Washington state to scout the best of the worst, and I was not disappointed. In my opinion, it is way past time for these things to get the old heave-ho. Buy 'em if you dare, but don't say I didn't warn you.


"A 4-person couch."

Which four people are we talking about, people with no backs?

via Yakima.Craigslist.org



"Free couches, sofa, and loveseat. You haul."

Is that you haul or you HURL? I am afraid to see Picture #2! NEXT!

via Yakima.Craigslist.org



"FREE COACH (North Richland)."

A free coach comes with this couch or is that modern lingo for "You might find a free cockroach?"

via Tri-Cities.Craigslist.org



"Moving out of state and need both gone! Both are in good condition, I just don't have the room to take both."

If this is what they call in "good condition", then I shudder to see what they'd call "bad condition". This couch looks like it's on its last dying breath. If COVID-19 was a couch, this would be it.

via Seattle.Craigslist.org


"Free couch. Good bones."

Good bones? More like "bone-chilling". Miss me with that mess.

via Spokane.Craigslist.org

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