The Yakima Valley is a beautiful place with so much to see and dive into, however, there is some danger to living here, and all the residents and locals know this. But do they know the most dangerous areas in their own backyard? A new study came out grading the areas around the Yakima Valley.

We did a little research and looked into their justifications for the safe and scary neighbors that it proclaims to have found. So we are gonna show you the top 3 most dangerous neighbors and let you decide if they got it right or not. So let's look into

The Top 3 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in the Yakima Valley. 

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3.) Wapato

Surprisingly enough Wapato did make the list but it's sitting at the top of it, which in this case is not a bad thing. Sure the grading system given to Wapato means they barely passed a few places but still did better than others on the list. in overall crime grade, they received a D+, and for Violent crimes they hit a C-, however with Property Crime they came in at a solid D. making this the Third most dangerous Yakima Neighborhood in the Valley.

2.) Moxee

Moxee is a peaceful town, right? Not according to its crime grade, coming in at 2nd on our list which means it's bad but not the worst of all neighborhoods. It received an F in overall crime, with its violent crimes coming in at a C+ which means that violent crimes do happen at a larger amount than Wapato. Last but not least when rated for Property Crime it sat at an F meaning that it's at an all-time high.

1.) Union Gap

Surprisingly Union Gap has been named the worst neighborhood in the Valley. Tho we have people from our group that lives out in Union Gap and swears by its safety and friendly nature it doesn't help its crime ratings. So sitting at an F for overall Crime, it also has a D+ for Violent crime meaning it's much worse than others. That's not where it ends tho, coming in with an F for property crime more and more people are reporting crimes at their own homes.

Do you agree with this list or are there worse places to live in the Yakima Valley? Be sure to let us know!

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