When you're shopping for people it's pretty easy to ask them what they want. If they don't know, boom, gift card. However, shopping for your furry friends can be a little more difficult.

Toys go untouched and treats go ignored, lucky for you we spoke with the manager of Pet Pantry Yakima and they gave us the top five most popular gifts for cats and dogs in 2021 you can find in the Yakima Valley.

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After chatting it was easy to narrow down the most popular items of 2021 and the purrfect stocking stuffers for your pet. Again all these Items can be found at Pet Pantry Yakima off of 5701 Sumitview, Yakima, WA.

5.) Wool cat nip Balls

One of the hottest sellers and flying off the shelves is the wool catnip ball, inexpensive and effective, your little kitty will be in purry heaven. Giving you a chance to snap some adorable photos.

4.) Beef Tendon Chews

Put a big ol'puppy smile on your pooches face when you bust out the beef tendon chews, from the sounds of it it's hard to keep these in stock because every dog goes wild for them. They last a good while, that is if your dog isn't like mine who just a tiny vacuum running around the house.

3.) Buddy Biscuits

Your dog will be head over heels once you introduce these all-natural treats, the closest thing to homemade you can find in a store, and with all-natural ingredients, it's a treat that will keep your dog healthy and happy.

2.) Crinkle Balls

These little strips of plastic are formed together to create what's called a crinkle ball, the cat's simply can't get enough of them. Your kitty will be darting around the house playing with it. Can't find your cat? Give it a few little crinkles and they're out and about in no time.

1.) Freeze-Dried Treats

These are the perfect treats for dogs and cats, if you have both get ready to save some cash by sticking with these. Tho they are a little more expensive they go a long way. My cat would act as an absolute fiend every time I opened the bag, of course, his brother Bam Bam was always right behind him with drool dripping everywhere. You can not and will not go wrong with these treats. Made from all-natural meats it's like your pets are getting a 4-course meal in every bite.


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