Washington is a beautiful place that so many amazing people call home, with wondrous views, delicious foods, crazy nightlife, and a beautiful community. However, in that community lurks some of the worst criminals in the country.

No one knows what truly turned these people into evil beings but they took the path nonetheless and are known around the world for their choices. These criminals are beyond disgusting and horrifying, if you're squeamish you may wanna take this article at your own time.

5.) Westly Allan Dodd

Westly was considered to be one of the vilest serial killers in Washington state, committing his crimes in the mid 60's Dodd was a sexual predator abusing more than 165 children and murdering 3. He was sentenced to death which was carried out in 1993 as one of the last death sentences in Washington state.

4.) Robert Lee Yates

Yates was a dangerous criminal claiming more than 13 women's lives in Spokane as well as a few others in pierce county before he was captured in the late 1990s. He's currently held at Washington State Penitentiary on death row.

3.) James Ruzicka

James was in and out of juvenile facilities by the age of 9, in 1973 he was arrested and sentenced to prison for 10 years after an assault on two women in Seattle. During his time in rehab, he escaped, he would be arrested in Portland after assaulting a 13-year-old girl.

2.) Gary Ridgway (The Green River Killer) 

Gary Ridgway terrified the entire state of Washington, in his time of freedom he would claim the lives of over 48 women yet claimed that there were twice as many victims later on. He targeted mainly women in his 20-year spree. He now resides serving life in prison in Walla Walla Washington.

1.) Ted Bundy

Arguably the most famous serial killer in the world Bundy would claim victims all over the country only to be caught and put on death row in Florida. However, Bundy was enrolled at the University of Washington and lived in the Tacoma area. He would confess to more than 30 killings in Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Utah, and Florida. Tho the number is not certain it's suspected there was more. Bundy's death sentence was carried out in Florida by electric chair in 1989.

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