Where are we going my friends? I mean, where are we, as a society, headed? Perhaps for answers to this question and others, I should turn to the source that seems to be guiding our collective 'ship'. Good 'ol Captain Social Media.

Galina Peshkova

I'm being facetious of course. I'd consider it unwise to be taking our cues from Social Media and its contributors. Frankly, I've come to believe that there may be a point at which, one really may want to consider removing ones-self from it, even if for just a brief break.

Through much meditation and a fair measure of deliberation, I've taken the liberty of compiling, what I feel, may be the TOP 5 REASONS TO QUIT SOCIAL MEDIA.

5. You become the subject of an online attack or, in other words, you're being cyber-bullied.  Cyber-bullying is really 'a thing'. If you've ever been the subject of an ugly online attack, you know this is true. For all of the obvious reasons, if someone is able to cause you any kind of harm, emotional or otherwise - after you've reported such an offence, it may be wise to give yourself a break from the platform that made it possible.

4. You get ripped off. Ever get sucked-in by some kind of 'great deal' or '75% off today only' or 'lose weight fast just by thinking about it' schemes? Yeah. Me too. Ugh. The worst recently was ordering underwear from a company 8,000 miles away. I ordered XXXL. That's what the tag said too. But attempting to slip them on and, well, I'm now a mezzo soprano.

3. You Feel Like You're Being Spied On. I don't have proof, but sometimes I feel as though Google or Facebook or both are actually listening to my conversations. Has it ever happened to you ---- you have a conversation with someone about exotic trips to trace your DNA connections among the Bantu Peoples, and then next thing you know, pop up advertising offering affordable and luxurious African Vacations? Well, it happened to me.

2. You're Losing (or Wanting To Lose) Friends. This one needs no explanation. Everyday, especially during this crazy 2020 roller-coaster ride, brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors, are firing off angry messages at one another. Arguing over the most ridiculous things. Everyone's an expert. Yet painfully, almost nobody is an expert.

1. Your Health is Suffering. If this is the case, get out now! Life is too short for you to allow yourself to be made unwell, by force-feeding yourself the stress-inducing onslaught of 'information'. Is it the Russians? Political operatives? Out-of-work deep-thinkers? Too dumb for school but smart enough for Facebookers? I don't know. Maybe all of the above. And I'm not immune. I found myself arguing about punk rock bands from the 70's recently. I was right, of course, but still, why even care if it makes me crazy and causes me to mindlessly engage in a useless conversation.

Okay. Gotta go take another selfie and then post dog pics. Ciao!

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