Trace Adkins' new single "Still a Soldier" is a must on Veterans Day, and his just-released Grand Ole Opry performance of the song will make you proud.

The country veteran performed the song during an Opry performance on Oct. 4, but it was held for Veteran's Day due to the nature of his message. He paints a familiar picture of a man living an everyman's life but still feeling the call of duty. It's the less-glorified picture of what a military vet's life looks like when he's discharged.

"Oh, but even if he lives / To be a hundred / He'll still be a soldier," Adkins sings at the bridge of the song. "He's still a soldier / His blood runs red, white and blue / He put away his gun and boots / But he still believes / The American Dream / 'Til his last breath he'll always be / A soldier."

Adkins has long been an active supporter of the U.S. military, and as well-read historian, his performances of troop-centric ballads or anthems forever come across as nothing short of genuine. Find this song on his new Something's Going On album. He released it to radio just days after the shootings at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas.

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