My first Thanksgiving in Yakima. Honestly, it’s gonna a bit strange. Not just cause of ‘Rona and 2020, but, this is the first Thanksgiving I have been out of California in a long time. This will also be the first time I have spent so far away from my daughters for the holidays. It just reminds me of Thanksgivings past.


First off, for years, a bunch of us would meet and play our own version of Turkey Bowl Football. When in Cali, around 30 family and friends we would meet at Toro Park on a sunny Thanksgiving morning where we enjoyed temps in the 50’s around 9am for a rousing game of flag football. It was a great time of intergenerational interaction. Grandpas and their grandchildren would be there. Nieces and nephews. It was awesome time of interaction and fun. Post-game, we would meet for T-Giving Breakfast and talk about how poorly we did.

Yep, our aunt would make light eggs, coffee and fruit to tie us over for the big meal later that afternoon. We went home to shower and meet back around Noon for dinner around 2p.

It was during this time I would grab my Thanksgiving pants. You know, the one with the string or expandable waist to allow for more food? I wear them once a year, so I make sure they are clean and ready for possible expansion activity.

This year will be different for us all to some degree, but for me, I will miss the Turkey Bowl and T-Giving Breakfast. But, still will wear my Thanksgiving pants. I ain’t about to give those up anytime soon.

All My Best,

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