Since the famous sighting of a ufo in 1947 at Mt. Rainer, over 100,000 reports of UFOs have been reported in and around Washington. Most ufo sightings in the world have actually taken place in our state.

So we became curious, are these all UFOs, or are people being mistaken for something else, after some meticulous research we found the five common objects mistaken for UFOs in Washington.

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In no way shape or form are we saying we're alone in the universe, some of the UFOs we looked into were actually hard to debunk as anything else than an unidentified flying object that may not be from this world, so as we go down this list we ask you to share your experiences of a ufo or something you might have mistaken for another life form out in space.

Oddly enough most of the reports of ufos come from Eastern Washington, which would make some sense, since a lot of our farming communities operate in eastern Washington, and it has the most open rural areas. Many people who live out in farming areas or on the side of canyons have called to report the weird phenomenon that is UFOs.

5.) Planes

Whether they're commercial, private, or military some of the most common ufos spotted are just planes flying in the night sky. Granted it can be easy to tell an airliner or private plane by the multiple flashing lights, however, they're still mistaken for aliens.

4.) Helicopters

Go figure also on the list are helicopters, tho they're loud and create a lot of noise, people will still think they're ufos from another world, more likely than not this is when they're too high up in the sky to hear but just enough in sight to be seen.

3.) Meteors

Flashing balls of fire falling through the earth's atmosphere may be too fast to catch with the human eye, but the human brain works in mysterious ways. Just a glimpse of the fireball is enough to enchant the imagination into thinking you saw something from a galaxy far far away.

2.) Drones 

Drones are newer technology the world is still getting used to, but living in Yakima or around Eastern Washington it's not surprising to see them with multiple training and military bases around us.

1.) Satellites

If you live in a dark enough area you can catch what looks to be a moving star gliding across the night sky, some people are mistaken and believe it's a spacecraft visiting our atmosphere. Granted they do look to be out of this world but they're very much native to earth and sent out into space by humans and humans alone.


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