The following post contains SPOILERS for Venom, because it is about Easter eggs which, by their very definition, are kind of spoilers.

Because Venom is a Venom standalone movie that doesn’t involve Spider-Man — because it wasn’t spun off from any previous film, although Venom did appear in very different form in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 — I kind of expected it would be off in its own little universe, with nary a reference or mention of wider comics continuity. To my surprise, Venom is very indebted to the rich history of the Marvel Comics that inspired it. There are a ton of references, homages, and characters taken directly from the page.

Below, we’ve got 10 of the most fun Easter eggs in the film. A few are kind of obvious, but some demanded much more attention and hardcore dork knowledge. (When watching a new comic-book movie, always be sure to look to see closely to see what name is on the letterhead. I’ve found that’s just a good policy.) Did we miss any other Easter eggs? Once you see the film leave us a message in the comments below.

Just remember: If someone from the Life Foundation offers you a wad of cash and they claim it’s to take part in an experiment that is extremely safe do not believe them. Don’t make the same mistake Melora Walters made. Venom opens in theaters this Friday.

Watch Our Video On Venom Easter Eggs:

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