We all love watching the Olympic games, whether it's your favorite events or favorite people competing. Little do we realize a lot of Washingtonians are going for gold in 2021 at the Tokyo Olympics.

There's probably a point in all of our lives where we dream of competing in the Olympic Games, I used to dream of being an Olympic Swimmer...those dreams were dashed with not being that great of a swimmer and not wanting to put my head underwater. But these Washingtonians made that dream come true. Let's take a look at these top-tier athletes.

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Sue Bird

If the name sounds familiar it should, Sue Bird is a Seattle Legend accumulating 4 WNBA championships with the Seattle Storm. She'll be competing in the women's basketball division. She also has 4 Gold Medals from the previous Olympic Games. Make sure to tune in and cheer her on!

Jewel Loyd

Her First time at the Olympics and we know she's gonna crush it. Jewel is a Starting shooting guard for The Seattle Storm and has played alongside Sue Bird since her start.

Zach LaVine

Born and raised in Bothell Zack is a very talented Basketball player, even being named one of the top players in the state in Highschool. He now plays for none other than The Chicago Bulls.

Katrina Young

Katrina was born and raised in Shoreline where she's trained a good amount of her life in diving. This will be Katrina's 2nd Olympics first competing in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Adrian Hegyvary

Adrian is from Seattle Washington and has been a cycler for a long while. Taking it seriously in college at UW he's become a true pro in 2010

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