Any landscaping or home improvement project comes with a long to-do list: supplies to buy, possibly contractors to hire and design choices to make. Your internet service might not be top-of-mind but sometimes it makes sense to work it into your other plans.

Here are a few helpful reminders from the experts at Washington Broadband Inc.:

1) When you build, make sure to contact your internet provider to discover the best way to connect with them. When the project's done, everyone will be eager to sign onto the wifi, so make sure you make smart decisions from the beginning.

2) Install cable and conduit when the area is already torn up. If you ever put in sprinklers or take up your yard, place conduit underground from your house to the closest power pole. Similarly, it never hurts to pre-wire your house with Cat5 or Cat6 cable. Might as well get part of the installation done during construction, right?

3) When you get Internet, make sure it's unlimited speed from the wireless or cable system provided. Washington Broadband offers cable Internet service in Naches and Tieton and wireless service in this area: Naches to the Wenas, Tampico to East Moxee, and the lower Yakima Valley to Zillah. Click here to see where you fall in their coverage area.

4) Watch where you dig when you plan a project. If you're close to the street, call 8-1-1 to ensure you don't dig up more than you intended.

5) Check with your local Internet companies before calling the big out-of-town guys. Washington Broadband was named Best Internet Service Provide in the Yakima Herald-Republic Readers’ Choice Award for the past three years!

And whether you're looking to add Internet service at your home or business or wondering if another provider can offer you a better deal, don't hesitate to call Washington Broadband. They're the only company in the area that offers 24/7 tech support AND they schedule all installations and fixes within a 30-minute window (not a half-day window like the other guys.) Plus, they constantly boost their speeds without raising prices.

To get started, visit or call (509) 853-0858.

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