So I have a crazy friend Frank. He’s just this side of nuts. He’s just off enough to be interesting. He's a lifelong friend and great guy. He was a groomsman in my wedding. Love the guy.


He just thinks that contrails are a thing and JFK was an inside job. Maybe it was. Who knows? 

Indonesian Poultry Industry Threatened By Avian Flu
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He lives in Cali, am following him on FB. I have been following his story on his purchase of some chickens a few weeks ago. He ordered - chickens to be delivered to his home. He ordered 25 chickens to but only 22 showed up! The chicken place confirmed 25 at the packaging location, so SOMEWHERE along the way, 3 chickens got out - and no one knows where they are.

So my Frank tracked them down. He found out that there were different levels of Priority Mail--and those chickens are unaccounted for. 

USPS say they are looking into this. They are considering a refund. 

Chicken people are wonderfully weird. So are my friends. And I am OK with that. 

All My Best,

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