The NFL season is done for 2019 but anyone who remembers 2012 will remember this amazing 67-yard field goal kick from a Washington teen. It's an amazing feat and it was all caught on video. 

Let me jog your memory on how this insane 67-yard field goal went down:

Earlier this week in Spokane, Washington Central Valley High School's kicker found himself and his team down by 3 points with no time remaining, only to kick a seemingly impossible 67-yard field goal, that sent the game into overtime.


The sheer incredibleness of this kick can be put into perspective when you realize the longest field goal ever made in the NFL is 64 yards. This high schooler just put one through from 3 yards further, and still had room to spare.

Oh and yeah, did we mention he's in high school.. Central Valley ended up winning the game 62-55.


This happened in Oct 12 2012, Austin Rehkow will be a senior at UI in 2016.

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