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Like many in the Yakima valley, I just received my mailbox ballot. When I got it, honestly, I just rolled my eyes. I know I should care, but I just don’t. Not anymore. Sure, maybe I’m still waiting on my $35 car tabs that, to the best of my memory, was voted on and was passed… god, how many years ago? But I know, at least for me, it goes deeper.

I know I’m not alone in my apathy for the electoral process. Every election cycle we receive reports about the percentage of voter turnout / ballots received, or the lack there of. This whole thing did spark a conversation with a couple family members. Most things politically we agree on, but they, for the most part, seemed excited to get the ballot. Good. I’m glad. Me, I just don’t care.

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That’s sad, but as I stewed on it, I think I realized, why I don’t care. Especially since the pandemic, my “don’t give a s**” has just gotten bigger and bigger. Especially when all of the advertisements for politicians that I've encountered (not all, but a vast majority) seem like they’re just trashing the other candidate. You might as well just run an ad that says:

“That person sucks, and I don’t… I approve this message”
– Person Approving That Message.


What is done has been done, focus on the future and making it brighter! Let me know what YOU PLAN TO DO! I understand that your message can get more traction if it rides the anger / hate / blood pressure raising wave, but man, we have been bombarded by negativity, doom and gloom for the past 3 plus years, and I just don’t care.

Is It Good That I Might Not Vote?

On that note, maybe it’s a good thing that I MIGHT not vote. If I don’t care, do you really think that I've gone out to do my own research? Nope, not yet! People who just vote a “D” or an “R” down the line, do they really do any research either? Or is it that, that's their tribe, and it’s “ride or die”?

An Interesting Research Resource

As I was venting to my family, my aunt shared a website that can easily break down, not only upcoming elections, but also goes into details about how each state is governed and the current political make up. It is pretty informative. Is it enough get me to feel like I’ll make a difference and vote? I’ll find out on November 8th.


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