Despite more than two weeks of searching still no sign of missing 4-year-old Lucian Mungia. The boy has been missing since September 10 when he was last seen by his father at the playground at Sarge Hubbard Park. Authorities have found no signs of foul play and believe he fell in a body of water that surrounds the park. Last week federal forensic and dive teams searched the pond at the park and nearby Buchanan Lake with no results, no sign of the boy. Search and rescue crews have scoured the Yakima River and believe if he did fall into the river his body could be in a variety of places.

Police are getting tips daily and still following up on the tips

Yakima Police Department information officer Yvette Inzunza says police are still getting tips on a daily basis from the public. She says many of the tips and information center around people seeing things in the water around the park. She says so far they've investigated the tips and have found no sign of the boy.

Family and friends continue the search and want more help

But that's not stopping family and friends of Lucian from searching for him. They've worked to organize searches and place missing posters around Yakima and other areas of Central Washington even Ellensburg and many places in the lower Yakima Valley.
Yakima County Sheriff Bob Udell says search and rescue crews are on standby willing to help search areas around the park like they did extensively immediately after Lucian was reported missing on September 10.

The family updates information on a Facebook page

The family is still hoping for help from the community. The family updates information on a Facebook page called "Finding Lucian."
Yakima Police are checking out tips daily. If you have information contact Yakima Police at 575-6200 or dial 911.

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