It's not the end of the world, but it would have been nice.

Looking at the weather patterns for the past few weeks I had a feeling we had a pretty low chance of having a white Christmas. Taking a look at the extended forecast, it looks pretty unlikely.

Wet Christmas, sure, but not white.

We're experiencing some rain here and there until the big day. If it were colder that rain may be snow, but with temperatures in the 40s leading into Christmas, then Christmas day looking like partly cloudy skies we'll just have to fore-go notions of pulling Jimmy on the sled or making snow angels with Sally or having your crazy uncle tell you how to make snow ice cream by taking snow and adding vanilla extract to it and mixing it all up. Yeah, that's a thing people do. (source: I'm a people that does a thing.)

I suppose, if anything, you can just close the curtains during Christmas and pretend there's snow outside. I wouldn't recommend what you've seen on cartoons where have someone above the window sprinkling salt or soap flakes to simulate snowfall but we can sit this out one. Maybe next year we'll have that white Christmas everyone is so keen to talk about.

I do feel slightly sad for our friends who just moved here from warmer states like California who may have never experienced a white Christmas. They'll have to wait until next time.

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