Here's What People Are Saying of the West Valley Golf Tournament

Willow Senior Golf Classic - Day One
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If you haven't played golf since the COVID-19 pandemic, now is your chance to get back in the game! Here's What People Are Saying of the West Valley Golf Tournament!

The West Valley Golf Tournament is back in full effect and it is waiting for you to come and sign up and play on April 28th!

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I saw the sign about the West Valley (Yakima) golf tournament when I was heading to Union Gap this morning. There is a banner advertising it at the stoplight on South 40th Ave and West Washington Ave.

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I used to play golf about 12 years ago. That was before my daughter, Willow, was born. I would take great delight in heading over to the Westwood Golf Course over there on Tieton Drive just to hit the driving range. It always helped me release my stress. It was better than THERAPY SESSIONS, believe it or not! Haha, I had some great times over there back in the day!

Playing golf

I remember my first golf course experience in Yakima almost some 20 years ago! I was invited to join my friends who were serious about the game. They asked me if I wanted to ride along in the golf cart with them whilst they played. Little did they know, I have a mean backswing! I might just sign up for the West Valley Golf Course Tournament just so I can show off my skills and maybe I'll rack in a few dollars on some gullible players who take one look at me and think I know nothing about the sport!

If you want to sign up for the West Valley Golf Tournament, click here for details.

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