You are sitting here less than a week away from Mother's Day wondering what you are going to do for your mom this Sunday. Don't end up being the son or daughter that grabs a last-minute card and whatever they are selling as check stand impulse buys on Friday.

Moms are SPECIAL and they deserve to feel that way on Mother's Day. So what does Mom really want this Mother's Day? Short of asking her and ruining the surprise, you can use these inside suggestions.

I asked Michele of the Morning Bull Pen what she wants for Mother's Day. Michele said that she wants to do nothing, no planning kids’ parties or driving the family around. She wants to stay in pajamas and watch TV all day and eat something that is really bad for her and not have to go anywhere. As far as gifts go, Michele said she enjoys the things that the kids make at school.

We tend to over-think gifts for Mom. She wants breakfast in bed, she wants a chance to relax, she wants to feel appreciated for everything she does that usually goes unnoticed. Whatever you end up doing for Mom, just make sure you show her how much you love and value her as your mom!

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