If Chicago style pizza is that thick pizza that's mostly cheese and New York style pizza is that super thin, kind of foldable pizza then what makes Detroit style pizza Detroit? Well, I ordered one to find out.

The first thing I noticed was the square shape. This is nothing new as Little Caesar's has had square pizzas on the menu as far as I've ever known them. It was kind of their gimmick for a while. Square or maybe closer to rectangle shape to start.

Then I noticed something interesting. The sauce is on top, not on bottom. Many pizza features crust, then sauce, the cheese and toppings. This has the crust then cheese along with whatever else and sauce on top. I think it's to make it so the crust stays crunchy. Works for me!

Speaking of cheese, it seems to be the same type of cheese as most traditional pizzas but this is all the way to the edge. There's no safety-zone with crust to hold on to. Just gotta deal with it. But more cheese is always good news for me.

I actually ordered these from Goldbelly as they can ship just about anything to anywhere and I love trying regional food in lieu of traveling. However I just saw Pizza Hut advertise 'Detroit-Style Pizza' the other day. I'll have to grab one soon to check that out, too.

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