This website did a study to figure out how much it would cost fans to attend ALL 16 regular season games, for each NFL team.

That includes tickets, beer, hot hogs, transportation to the away cities, and accommodations in those places. So they look at each team's prices, AND the prices where their schedule will take them this season.

If you want to attend EVERY Seahawks regular season game this year, you'd shell out $7,059.66. That's good enough for #5 on this list. Here's the Top 4...

1. Buffalo Bills, $7,991.15

2. Houston Texans, $7,620.84

3. Oakland Raiders, $7,292.13

4. Detroit Lions, $7,082.55

Who would've guessed the Buffalo Bills would be #1 most expensive?!  And noticeably missing from the Top 5 for me are the Patriots & Cowboys, right?!

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