It’s the last week of the Bull Cash Cow. You know the drill by now – listen for the Code Words and you can win $10,000. Pretty cool right?

That does brings up an interesting question - what can you buy here in Yakima with $10,000? Turns out you can buy some pretty cool things. Here’s a partial list.


Buy A Datsun 280ZX

Wait?!? A car from the 80’s?!? Yep. Datsun 280ZX’s are having a moment right now. If you find one in your uncle’s garage, it could be worth up to $5000 in decent condition. Mint condition could go as high as $20,000!

Why are they having a moment? 80’s Nostalgia just won’t go away. Unlike most 80’s cars, Datsun 280ZX’s still look great. They are easy to work on and parts are a plenty. It makes for a great, affordable project car.


Wow Them With a Wine Collection

Start with a place to store your wine, like a wine fridge (55 Degrees is ideal) brands such as SubZero, that hold 150 to a few hundred bottles for as little as $8,000.

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Then start buying wine in the Yakima Valley!

Run For Office!

Running for office is something many think they can do. Then it’s soon figured out how much money it takes to run. That’s why so many of them are in the take. With $10k, you could get a jump start on local office maybe state legislature or even City Council in Yakima.

City of Yakima

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Go Solar!

With sunshine on average 300 days a year here in Yakima, solar may be a good investment. Installing solar panels on your roof will cut your electric bills. Installing solar panels on your roof will cut your electric bills. In 2017, you could buy an average-size, 5-kilowatt system for $10,045 to $13,475 after taking the federal solar tax credit. Plus, your electric utility may pay you for any power that your system makes but you don’t use.

Or, you could do the smart thing and sink it into some gold, IRA or ROTH. Boring? Yes. Smart? Probably.


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