Saturday could not have given us better weather for a better cause. Tucked away behind the tasting rooms of Vintners Village right off Interstate 82 in Prosser was a fundraising event for Prosser Memorial Health called Bottles Brews and Barbecues!

This was an event you should have not missed if you like barbecued and smoked meat, Seventeen teams competed for the title of Grand Champion. From a team that had been to nationals, to a team that was participating in their first competition, there wasn't a sample of barbecue I didn't like!

If you are like me and you have no idea how a barbecue competition goes, let me give you a quick rundown. All judges have to be certified (yes, that means you have to take a class on judging), all meat samples for judging are brought to the judges in unmarked boxes and barcoded -- which is read by a computer and only the computer knows who barcode belongs to who. At the end of the competition and all meat categories (pork, chicken, brisket and rib) have been judged, the computer then calculates the overall Grand Champion. It really was fascinating to watch and be a part of!

They had an amazing number of wineries and breweries there, from Gamache Vintners to 14 Hands, along with Bale Breaker and many others! You could also take a stroll through their general store that had the cutest kitchen decor, offering everything from wine stoppers to customer event growlers.

Of course we can't forget the live music! We kicked off the day with an Irish folk band, the Desert Rovers, then we moved to Night Train, who covered the best songs from the last three decades. And the cap to the day was a celebration of the Eagles by Fast Lane.

If you were not able to go this year, you really did miss out. But don't worry, we will have one again next year!

Bottles Brews Barbecues

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