I had one heck of a toothache for the last week or so.  It was first just the sensitivity to hot & cold, then it became a nagging pain... so bad that the only thing that relieved it was cold water or ice.  I wasn't sleeping well, I was moody and short tempered.  It sucked.

So I made a dentist appointment to get it looked at.  I begged them to numb me the moment I walked in the door.  They did so and the relief was incredible.  Turns out that there was an infection under my filling, and that was the cause of the immense pain.  So we scheduled a root canal at 2pm the following day.

The day of the root canal was miserable!  The numbing was gone, pain meds weren't helping and I was throwing up any food that I consumed.  MISERABLE.  The root canal was done in about 2 1/2 hours... and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I took the gas, the numbing held up.  All was amazing.  Shout out to Selah Creek Dental for the incredible work they did.

There wasn't much down time following the procedure either.  I was back at work 4:30am the following day.

So for the toothache, people let me know of a few remedies.  One gal said to use Ibuprofen mashed up into a paste and rub that on the tooth... and that the gel Ibuprofen would work too.  I tried the gel, and it provided SOME relief, but the side effect of Ibuprofen are the burns I now have under my tongue.  Vodka was recommended as was toothache numbing cream.  One guy said just have "someone punch you in the face".. thanks dude lol.

What's your go-to remedy for a toothache?

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