It's hard to remember the different lives you've impacted in your precious time on this planet. I think you tend to forget some of the amazing experiences that we've been a part of, partly because time fades our memories. So what happens when you sit down and reflect? What happens when you close your eyes and try to bring those moments back to life?

After 50 years in business, Gasperetti's has been a staple of Yakima Valley tourism. I personally know of people who will drive to Yakima just to dine at the restaurant. Anyone of notoriety who's ever been through town has most likely eaten at the legendary restaurant. It's also something that owner John Gasperetti's doesn't really talk about. I know for a fact that John treats every customer the same.

John's entire goal in business is to bring people together with great service and incredible food, and that has led to some pretty amazing meals and unsolicited compliments. Take, for example, Kenny Chesney, who rolled through Yakima in 1995 and left this personalized picture for John. Kenny sums it up perfectly by saying "John, this is the best meal I've had on tour."

You can't argue with that!




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