It was news that has been darkening the souls of so many who love these frozen treats. The announcement that Klondike is discontinuing the beloved Choco Taco. This creamy, frozen dairy treat topped with a chocolaty, nutty layer wrapped in a waffle shell has been a favorite of so many for so long that it's hard to imagine an ice cream truck without them. Well, they may not be found in stores for much longer but I've had great luck still finding them in Yakima. Here's where to look.

I can't be too specific about this but here's what has worked for me.

Check the mini marts for Choco Tacos.

The gas stations, the convenient stores, your local corner store -- those places have had great luck still having these in the treats freezer along with the individual ice cream bars, push-up pops, ice cream sandwiches and more.

I don't want to call any out by name as I don't want a huge rush to go to any specific location, but there's where I've found them and continue to find them for now.

I've checked a few grocery stores in the past couple of days to no luck but if you need your Choco Taco fix before they may be gone forever, check your local mini-mart and see if they still have some in the grab'n'go freezer. Good luck!

Is the Choco Taco gone forever after this? I think it's highly unlikely. My theory is someone else will make their own version or they will eventually become a Taco Bell exclusive dessert. Taco Bell used to have these on their menu, maybe it'll come back just like they brought back the Mexican Pizza. You never know.

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