I stated on-air recently that I could not rock a mask during COVID-19. I stated that I am just too cool for that. Mmmmm, that sounds arrogant, doesn't it?

It's a fact, we will get sick in our lifetime. I get that minimizing these occasions are key.

If I am gonna be honest, the masks look scary and leave you with a feeling of disconnect. Maybe that's what I don’t like about it. I love connecting with people. Masks scream "GET AWAY FROM ME!!!". Not my bag.

I used to own a Mold Remediation company in Cali back in the day and have these N-95 masks for a while. Look like they came in handy. However, when I wear these, they look really scary. Like some sort of dystopian character from 'Hunger Games'. Or that I am here painting your car.

Not the best look.


Jim Mask 1

 Better 1?

So when I was approached to wear a 92.9 Bull 'Rona Mask, I thought, why not? I need to get on this to be responsible to myself and those around me. Plus, the Bull Mask seems fashion forward. So I added it to my collection. So here it is, my ‘Rona Mask Collection! Which mask should I wear? Let me know which one is your favorite!

Jim Mask 4

 Or Better Two?

Let's treat this like an eye exam - Better one? Or Better Two? Better One? Or Better Three? Which of these three masks are best?

Jimshow mask 1

The Bull Mask! Better 3?

Show us what you are rockin' during 'Rona! We want to see YOUR mask! Take a selfie with your mask via the Bull App! Or send it via email @jim.pearson@townsquaremedia.com

We would love to see what you are sportin' during 'Rona season! Looking forward to seeing what you got!

Thanks for listening!

-  The Jimshow



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