I stated on-air recently that I could not rock a mask during COVID-19. I stated that I am just too cool for that. Mmmmm, that sounds arrogant, doesn't it?

It's a fact, we will get sick in our lifetime. I get that minimizing these occasions are key.

If I am gonna be honest, the masks look scary and leave you with a feeling of disconnect. Maybe that's what I don’t like about it. I love connecting with people. Masks scream "GET AWAY FROM ME!!!". Not my bag.

I used to own a Mold Remediation company in Cali back in the day and have these N-95 masks for a while. Look like they came in handy. However, when I wear these, they look really scary. Like some sort of dystopian character from 'Hunger Games'. Or that I am here painting your car.

Not the best look.


 Better 1?

So when I was approached to wear a 92.9 Bull 'Rona Mask, I thought, why not? I need to get on this to be responsible to myself and those around me. Plus, the Bull Mask seems fashion forward. So I added it to my collection. So here it is, my ‘Rona Mask Collection! Which mask should I wear? Let me know which one is your favorite!

 Or Better Two?

Let's treat this like an eye exam - Better one? Or Better Two? Better One? Or Better Three? Which of these three masks are best?

The Bull Mask! Better 3?

Show us what you are rockin' during 'Rona! We want to see YOUR mask! Take a selfie with your mask via the Bull App! Or send it via email @jim.pearson@townsquaremedia.com

We would love to see what you are sportin' during 'Rona season! Looking forward to seeing what you got!

Thanks for listening!

-  The Jimshow