If I am honest, I am beginning to loathe the words “social-distancing”. It’s the new buzzword. People seem to use it liberally. I mean, I understand the importance and safety and what not. I certainly hope it’s not a permanent part of our future as I am a hugger. But I also respect others space.

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So now that social distancing is an active phrase in our lives, I started to think, there is always someone who is the best at something. One who is far superior than most. It always happens. One rises to the top to claim the throne of being the best in class. So in my mind, there has to be someone who is ultimate at social distancing. A Social Distance Champion.

One who is great at keeping their distance. One where it is so natural, its second nature to them. One who is rarely seen and is keen at keeping their distance at all times.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we could learn a lot from the Social Distance Champion in The Great State of Washington - also known as…


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Congrats Big Guy!

Let’s face it, he’s reeealllly good at it. He can add it to his collection of awards he is starting to amass. As you may know, I couple years ago, Big Guy was awarded 'Hide And Seek' Champ as proven by this T-shirt.

If you notice, Bigfoot has been really quiet as ‘Rona has raged, and the fires burn our state. Yet not a peep out of Bigfoot. Cause he has his SD game down.

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For those who are not good with SDing (like myself), we can learn much from the Big Guy. Since he has been MIA over the past few months, he’s certainly been keeping it on the downlow. He keeps to himself, he knows how to keep his distance so much, that he is a model for Ultimate SDing.

I mean, masks may not be an option for Mr. Yeti, so he has to use his SD skills to keep himself healthy to compensate. Not many docs appointments for the Big Guy. How do you treat a Yeti with on a sinus infection anyway?

In the meantime, we congratulate you on your achievement Big Guy! We will leave your trophy on the outskirts of Yakima so you can claim it – all while practicing what you do best – Social Distancing.


All My Best,

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