When the last episode of HBO's "True Blood" aired, I kept seeing all these people posting pics of the "True Blood" swag that HBO had sent them.

The gifts included little black coffins that said "True Blood" and were personalized with the person's Twitter handle. And each tiny coffin was full of goodies.

I soooo wanted one! I figured it couldn't hurt to email the contacts that I had at HBO from trying to get an interview with Alexandar Skarsgard.

They didn't have any more of the little coffins left, but they promised they would send me some stuff. I really wanted the Eric Northman (Alexandar's character) vinyl figure.

I turned into a little kid on Christmas morning when the box arrived at the radio station. As I peeled open the box, the first thing I saw was the one thing I wanted: the Eric Northman vinyl figure! I was so happy that I started to get teary eyed as Rik and Cefus just stood there looking at me like I was crazy!

I guess the lesson here is that it never hurts to ask for something. What's the worst they can say? "No?"

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