The first time I heard of See's Candies was probably just over 20 years ago when we were gifted a box of assorted chocolates. they were fun and well presented and totally decent chocolates. This was during a time when I didn't appreciate things like chocolate and craft beer and different cuts of steak and the like. To me, at that time, chocolate was chocolate and these were totally good. It's just they were chocolate like anything else you might find on stores shelves.

As time progressed and several years went by I saw a See's Candies stand at an airport. I figured I had a bit of time until my next flight and checked out the products. It looked as if so many things they had for sale were definitely few bucks more than your typical treats you'd find at any store. I attributed this to the fact that they're at an airport where items are often higher in price and still bought a couple of things.

Fast-Forward, again, to just recently where I spotted these in a local grocery store and, again, bewildered by the price. What makes these more expensive than anything else? Maybe it's the name brand, I'm not sure. But, sure enough, after asking a few people, they say it's totally worth the investment. A far superior quality than typical boxes of chocolates. I sprung for them next time I saw them and, I gotta say, I'm not mad about it.

First thing I noticed was when I opened this box it had bubble wrap between the box top and the chocolates themselves. That's kind of nice.

I also noticed, unlike so many other boxes of chocolates, they don't have a guide telling you what is what. I don't mind this so much as I'll eat anything making it a true surprise. My kids, however, may shy away from trying any without breaking them open. I don't mind, either way. Again, like I said, I'll eat anything.

There is a definite quality to these I can't quite place. It's almost like the chocolate is more snappy than your traditional box of discount chocolates. The filling is fantastic, too. I haven't found one I spit back out.

Whether it's Valentine's Day or any occasion to impress, I think these may just make that extra impression. I'll probably grab another box before I don't see them again as people in Yakima may shy away from these being they do cost a premium compared to other similar boxes of chocolates.

I happen to have found these box at Rosauer's on 72nd in Yakima but they may be available elsewhere and online, of course.

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