There was a time, maybe 8 years ago, when I first heard of poutine. A friend mentioned they were in Canada and had fries and cheese with gravy. I didn't question it, it sounded awesome, but also sounded like something I could just make at home. It seemed to be the new food crazy though it's something that has been around since the 1950s in Canada (according to Wikipedia). Though I remember seeing it on the menu at a place in Seattle and Portland I never really saw it here in Yakima. There was one time I tried to recreate it in Yakima by using ingredients at KFC back in 2014. I mean, it was still great but wasn't exactly the same. Large potato-fries, cheese curds and brown gravy over everything. What's not to love?! Ultimate comfort food.

We have had some places here in Yakima that have had it or something similar on the menu as well. Norm's is one place that has amazing french fry and gravy dishes that are always worth trying.

One I just saw the other day was The Kiln on 72nd off Nob Hill.

I frequent this place often enough to be here semi-regluarly. Even if it's once a month I'm at The Kiln when I have a friend in town or it's Cheese Zombies Wednesday or something. I saw poutine on the menu and never saw it on the menu before so I ordered it. Turns out, I'm glad I ordered it.

Now, to be fair, I got this to go. The next time I order poutine at The Kiln it'll be a time when I'm eating there but still it was amazing. I loved the fries they used. They weren't these flimsy shoestring fries but full-on English-style chips. Cheese curds and you have to use cheese curds for proper poutine and gravy over everything. This gravy was pretty thick. So many photos I've seen of poutine the gravy was lightly drizzled or something. Like, you could see it but only when you squint. I'm not sure if this is the right way but it's not enough gravy for me. I don't want gravy-scented fries I need it piled on everything, and they do that at The Kiln and I'm happy about it.

Next time you're there maybe give them a try.

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