Pokemon Go has been around since 2016, if I'm being honest I've been playing off and on since the start. I've been playing Pokmon in general since I was five, The tv show had just started in America and the kids of the country became obsessed with it.

The show was really just the start, the true craze came when Pokemon cards came out. With over 151 Pokemon to collect and the different versions of the cards made it even more of an adventure, trading with friends, buying packs whenever and where ever you could find them. Then came the video games where you got to play as the lead character in the Pokemon world trying to become a Pokemon master.

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As an adult, I figured that was the end of my love for the cartoon and games...or so I had thought. Pokemon came out and took the world by storm all over again, not only had the new generation of kids started playing but so did the parents and other adults, using VR through your phone to catch Pokemon was like stepping into the actual world of it all.

Finding Gym's and Poke'stops can take some time, lucky for you I've been in a Pokemon Go kind of mood. I've found some spots I think you should definitely check out.

Yakima Valley College

The school is perfect for Pokemon, with four Poke'stops and three Gyms it's the ideal place to go to earn some pokemon coins, find rare Pokemon and battle in raids with friends.

Downtown Yakima

Whether you're out for a night on the town or just taking a stroll with the family, downtown Yakima is filled with Pokestops and Gyms for you to play with other trainers and level up your Pokemon.

Sarg Hubbard Park

A family-friendly park that just so happens to be perfect for Pokemon Go, playgrounds are great for the kids to play and catching Pokemon. Plenty of Pokemon stops to check out while going for a run or a brisk walk.

This game is great for getting you to start walking or just adventuring, it's another way to also meet friends with common interests or just have some nostalgic nerdy fun.

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