Covid 19 ruined all of our social lives, especially if you're like me, a nerd whose human interaction usually takes place at Comic Book stores and Conventions. Lucky for us Summer Con is back on, with some amazing guests!

The last Comic-Con I got to attend was back in 2019 at Emerald City Comic-Con. In the midst, Washington State's Summer Con was due to take place that summer but was shut down due to Covid-19. Now it's time to bust out your favorite Cosplay and dress up as your favorite superhero because Summer Con is back with a vengeance!

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Summer Con is a local convention held at the Washington State Fairgrounds, instead of the normal convention center where you'll be on a search for food and water the fairgrounds offer all the amenities you'll need including...yes...FAIR FOOD!!! Now you can see all your favorite pop culture icons and if you're lucky see them munching on an Earth Quake burger or Krusty Pup corn dog!!!

Summer Con took it to the next level making it so you could attend three different conventions in the same year! They announced back in March there would be three separate conventions taking place this year. The first one was May 8th, the second was June 18th thru the 20th, and to finish it off they'll be hosting one last convention this year from August 7th and 8Th.

Vendors are still being signed up and more news for them will be coming soon. To sign up as a vendor you can visit the website and apply for your own application! As vendors set up you'll be able to strike some amazing deals on Comics, Posters, figures, and more!

So far the guest list is a little bare but the few names they've announced are more than enough reason to go!

Guest List for Washington State Summer Con so far

Harry Potter fans are gonna lose their mind meeting Bonnie Wright, known for her role as Ginny Weasly also the future wife of Harry Potter! Bonnie Wright is super approachable and always down for a fun and friendly conversation!

If you're a big Son's of Anarchy fan or you're just a die-hard Hellboy fan you're gonna be pumped for this one! none other than Hellboy himself Ron Pearlman has joined Washington State Summer Con as well! I've heard it a million times to never meet your heroes but this is one you'll wanna meet. Ron Pearlman is known for his love towards the fan, taking extra time to talk with people and snag pictures when he can.

These are only a few names so far but we'll add to the list as more people sign on! for more info on the Summer Convention and to buy tickets click HERE

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