A 15-year-old shooting suspect arrested in connection with a fatal shooting outside Eisenhower High School on Tuesday March 15 will face charges as a juvenile. Yakima County Prosecutor Joe Brusic says he doesn't have enough evidence to ask a judge to consider moving the case to adult court.

Brusic issued a press release on Friday about his decision

"On March 7, 2022, here in the City of Yakima, a tragic homicide took place at Eisenhower High School. The juvenile suspect, Jessy James Lee Krikorian, Jr, is currently in custody and is 15-years-old. Charges will be filed today in Yakima County Juvenile Court. Under RCW 13.40.110, the State of Washington has the authority to file for discretionary decline of this juvenile suspect in an attempt to prosecute him as an adult in Yakima County Superior Court.

Brusic says Jessy James Lee Krikorian, Jr will stay in juvenile court

The State of Washington is hereby declining to file a Motion for Declination and will file criminal charges in Juvenile Court. Thus, this juvenile defendant will be tried as a juvenile for homicide and multiple assaults. After reviewing all the current criminal investigatory reports submitted to our office and analyzing and evaluating all current information that the Yakima County Juvenile Department has concerning this juvenile defendant, it is clear that the Kent v United States eight criteria cannot be substantially met with all facts and circumstances known to date. Clearly, this is a serious and violent offense. However, the lack of criminal history as well as sophistication, maturity and services provided to the juvenile weigh against declination."
The suspect continues to be in the Yakima County Juvenile Jail for the killing of 16-year-old Shawn Tolbert. No trial date has yet been set in the case.

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