A new Men's Health article claims that the ladies are sizing us up based on our shoes.

Women size up a man's shoes as indicators of his overall sense of style, social status and cash flow. What they see in a man wearing loafers is a casual elegance that hints at a sensual life of sauvignon blanc on the beach and lazy Sunday breakfast in bed. Women say the shoes that you should own and wear often are:

Leather Loafers (26 percent)
Dress Boots (15 percent)
Trainers (14 percent)
Wingtip Dress Shoes (14 percent)
Running Shoes (13 percent)
Leather Sandals (9 percent)
Rubber Flip-Flops (8 percent)
Cowboy Boots (7 percent)

They must be asking the wrong women if cowboy boots are rated less than flip flops! What do you think?

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