It happened again today. I do not exaggerate when I say that I feel as though it happens right in front of me literally every day. Some [expletive] numbskull, obviously paying no attention at all, runs a red traffic light in Yakima.

Do you notice this too? It can't just be me who sees this time and time again. Drivers are either too distracted, or even worse I fear, there are those who know they're doing it, know that it's a dangerous risk, and are doing it anyway. Is it just becoming acceptable?

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Running Red Lights at Busy Intersections in Yakima

In fact, today, while sitting at a stoplight heading west at the intersection of 40th & Summitview, the light changes to green. Neither I nor the car alongside me moves until waiting for a beat, we see not one, but two cars dash through the intersection.

Now, if our light was green, the other motorist's light had turned red a second or so earlier. Clearly, those drivers had no excuse for not stopping. The driver to my right and I make an almost synchronized glance at one another, wagging our heads, raising eyebrows, in a non-verbal yet knowing way. Simultaneous disbelief.

Yakima Law Enforcement Address Red Light Violators

In an article back in October of this year, KIT News Director Lance Tormey reported that emphasis patrols were going to continue in Yakima, however:

since the council had a discussion in July about the cameras there's been no discussion other than talk among city officials and Yakima Police that the cameras would be a costly investment. Yakima Police say at this point there's no plan to purchase and install Red Light cameras in Yakima.


Red Lights, Yellow Lights, Green Lights, What are the Differences?

It's very simple in Washington State. You see a red light, you stop. In some cases, you can make a right turn after making a complete stop at a red light or stop sign. But red means one thing. STOP.

What do Yellow Lights Mean in Washington?

Yellow Lights mean caution or 'hey, dude, it's about to turn red.' In Washington, you can continue on a yellow light, as long as the light is still yellow upon entering the intersection. For safety reasons, this could be a better alternative to stopping abruptly or prematurely. Officials say all too many rear-end accidents occur when someone stops too soon. However, a tailgater is more likely the problem in that case, since, if you're allowing yourself ample space to stop if the person in front of you stops suddenly, you won't have a problem stopping in time. So, stop at red and don't tailgate. See, we've learned two new things.

What do Green Lights Mean in Washington?

Green means go. Yes, but, like my fellow traffic participant and I were reminded of today, go on the green - but around Yakima - take a beat to be sure there aren't some red-light-runners blasting through the intersection. Be safe.

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