Letterboxd, the indispensable social network for movies and movie lovers, contains over 775,000 different titles, a huge percentage of every film ever made over the course of the last 130+ years. The site is an enormous database. It does not evaluate rank or judge any of the movies.

That task falls to the users. They can rate any film on the app on a scale from 0.5 to 5 stars (it is not physically possible to rate something zero stars), which means that those 775,000 titles can be viewed in order from the highest to the lowest score or vice versa.

Doing either is quite an interesting way to peruse the site. Did you know, for example, that Parasite is rated ahead of The Godfather? And did you also know that Harry Styles: Behind the Album is ranked ahead of both of them? It’s true. (Vito Corleone was a powerful man, but not as powerful as Harry Styles, so it checks out.)

If you arrange all 775,000+ titles on the site from the lowest rated to the highest, here is what you will find at the bottom, the ten worst movies of all time (at least according to the users of Letterboxd). Note that Letterboxd does sometimes include TV shows or shorts; we decided to weed out anything in the bottom ten that wasn’t a full-blown (albeit awful) feature film.

While the picks are largely weighted toward recent releases, we doubt there would be much pushback about any of these selections. From least awful to most unbearable, they are...

The Worst Movies Ever Made, According to Letterboxd

According to Letterboxd users, these are the ten worst films that have ever been made. Do you agree?
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